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Maui Beaches

I am on a tight budget and am wondering how a wedding on Kapalua Beach has been for anyone. I am so worried about having people all around us and that it might be distracting or mess up the pictures.

Re: Maui Beaches

  • I love Kapalua beach; it's one of my favourite snorkel spots. The reality for any beach wedding is you'll have to contend with other people. Kapalua is pretty busy throughout the morning and afternoon, but starts clearing out after 4 (from my experience). What time were you thinking of having the ceremony?
  • Anytime really. Before sunset though so I can get some pictures of my dress in the daylight =D

  • Have you considered south Maui? The beaches there tend to be less busy all day. But Kaesha is right, around 4 most start to clear out.
  • If you do an am ceremony (like, 7-8 am), you can get some amazing pictures, and you'll be less crowded at the beach. If you want some sunset pictures as well as ones in full daylight, one of the things to take into consideration with Kapalua is that the sunset is partially blocked by Molokai, so you're better off going to the southern beaches.
  • We got married at 3pm on Kapalua beach in the left-hand corner by those rocks. It was beautiful. I love that beach. There were people, but we had my husband and all the rest of the boys go stake out our spot about a 1/2 hour before myself and the girls arrived. The people just kind of see that a wedding is going on and they clear out. In some of our pictures you can see snorkel heads out in the water, but other than that it was GREAT!!
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