Lanikuhonua ANXIETY!

We wish to have our wedding at no other place than Laniku but after last night, I'm super worried about our chances. I spoke to Annette last night to see if any other couples were looking at July 7, 2012 and she says about 3 other couples are looking at that date. I've been keeping tabs since January... I'm hoping we'll get Laniku!

Sorry ladies, just had to vent. 

Re: Lanikuhonua ANXIETY!

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    What would happen to bump you from the date? Have you not put down the deposit yet? If you haven't put down a deposit that's a risk you run, unfortunately. As soon as we decided on a date/time/location we booked our coordinator and sent the deposit.
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    crossing my fingers for you that they decide not to take the date! Smile it's such a gorgeous location.

    brea- when we were looking at Lani we had a few dates in mind, but other couples were "in the process" of reserving those dates -- I think it was something like they "hold" it for you for a couple days and you fill out the paperwork, mail the deposit, etc then you get it for sure. if you don't complete everything, then they release it. or something. i forget; pregnant brain Tongue out
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    Welcome to the board, here's to hoping you get the date you want! From all the photos i've seen it looks amazing there.
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    Good luck to you!  Are you first on the list?  If so get on top securing that date.  Is it also because you're over a year out and they won't let you book till it gets closer to a year from that date.  Olowalu was like that for me.  I was told they really don't like booking over a year out but I think it depends on the person who runs the place.  They told me that I could have the date since its pretty much almost May and that would put me out 13 months from the wedding date.  Either way I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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    That's the same day I'm getting married. I booked it last October. Didn't want to risk losing the location. 
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    I don't think there's a list, but as far as booking our date, laniku will only book 14 months ahead. i'm going to be up early to pull the trigger on my phone to call in on may 7!

    We don't really have any other dates in mind, mainly because of our work schedules and the schedules of both of our families. *i'm praying haaaaard this sunday! ha.
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    I did the same thing. I woke up at the crack of dawn to secure my date for Lani. It is truly the only place we wanted to get married too. Not to mention that Annette?! Is simply fabulous to work with. She is so helpful and you wont be sorry. If you need any help with vendors or anything..please feel free to email me and I will give you all the information for the people I am using. So far< we have been SUPER happy with all of our vendors.

    Good LUCK and make sure you are the first one to call the morning of May 7th. I think she said I could leave a message around 7am. *crosses fingers for you*


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    We unfortunately didn't get 7/7. we got 7/8 instead. which is a sunday. won't be too bad right?
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    Just as good, really your in Maui so every day is a Saturday!  Congrats on getting your dream venue.
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