Dress not ready for 2nd fitting

Ughh, my work day stunk and tomorrow I was supposed to have my 2nd fitting at noon. Then at 6pm the shop owner calls me and asks if she can move my spot. "Sure" I say, my voice not hinting at the little flutters in my stomach. The shop owner goes "Great, the seamstress wasn't done cutting". Just as I was about to question that she hung up.

My first fitting was 3 weeks ago. WTH, shouldn't the dress be ready?! Now I'm all worried about tomorrow's fitting and I have to wait all day to see the state of my dress. Every little bump that's come along I've been so relaxed but 2 weeks from the wedding, I find myself just stewing a big pot of worry.

Re: Dress not ready for 2nd fitting

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    I understand...the last thing you need is a glitch. We are still waiting on our rings. They only have three working days until we leave. I knew this would come down to the last minute but come on....

    good luck and keep us posted on your dress. 
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    Good luck to both of you. Try not to stress and hopefully everything will fall into place. :)
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    I've read about a lot of people on the attire board talking about this. It seems to be a fairly common issue :-/

    They'll get it done for you, but not without stressing you out to hell first!

    <3 good luck!
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    that is sucky to be so close and I totally just went through the dress anxiety....... what I learned is this - those ladies are better than we think!!! I felt like mine wasn't listening to me at all and had no idea what I wanted, when I walked in for my 2nd trial I had the mind set that I would be sending it in a 2nd time for alterations - it was amazing and everything was perfect, what I took as not caring was her just knowing exactly what I wanted having done it 100 times before. It will be great....... and worst case scenario, if it isn't they can fix it quicker than we think!!!

    Major knottie vibes your way, for you and McBeags!!!!! Keep us posted (and post pics if you remember to take them : ) )

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    Hi ladies, Thanks for your support and kind thoughts. It helped keep things in perspective. The fitting wasn't bad. The dress was close to done with the seamstress working at reapplying lace that was taken off. So though it looked scary off the hanger, once on I could see the fit was nearly spot on. Cryssv you are so right about most issues being fixable really quickly too. I saw a piece of lace that's in the middle off center and she said she'll stitch it straight. The shop owner thanked me for pushing back the appt. since it wasn ready and it's prob. a good thing I didn't see the dress less together so it all worked out. I can't wait to pick it up!
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