Anyone make their own bouquet?

Hi ladies! I would like to make my own bouquet and wonder if any of you have or plan to.

If so what are you bringing with you to secure it together?
Where are you planning to buy the flowers?

I'll be making his boutiner too!
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Re: Anyone make their own bouquet?

  • Only 3 Days till your Wedding!! Congrats, so exciting!! Laughing

    I would love to see your finished product!
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  • Congrats! I'm a florist. I would use waterproof floral tape to hold the bouquet together. You could also use stem wrap, which I would also recommend for the bouttoniere. Tape the group of stems in 2 or 3 places. Then I would hot glue satin ribbon to the tape and wind it around the stems. I think Ive seen both kinds of tape at Michaels. Hope that helps!
  • I considered it, but then realized we didn't have anywhere to store the flowers. 

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