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Whoops! Sorry! FB group related

Sorry, I've been MIA the past couple of weeks. I've barely had a moment to catch my breath with work, school and life. So, I'm really, really sorry about not getting a chance to deal with this sooner! Totally my bad.

I'd like to further confess to being an interwebz idiot, as I can't find half of you via your email addresses! Tongue out So, I'll PM back mine and we'll try going about it that way.

I've reset my privacy settings temporarily so everyone can find me via my email address, but they'll go back to my usual hiding from students on Monday.

Oh! And, the group is a secret group, so what goes on the wall, stays on the wall (much like Vegas), so you don't need to worry about creepy exes stalking you (which is one of the reasons that a bunch of the girls from The Bump moved over there).

Re: Whoops! Sorry! FB group related

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