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ladies do you have any recomendations?

Re: wedding planners/coordinaters

  • which island are you looking for?

  • I think since you have such a specific want you should start with google and just reach out to every big island coordinator until you have a list of ones who can provide you with what you're looking for. And just because a coordinator isn't known by the people on this board it doesn't mean that they arent good. We went with bill from Maui'd Forever because he was the nicest and most responsive of the people we talked to. He wasn't one of the popular choices on this board but our wedding day was perfect. I created a spreadsheet when we were looking and graded coordinators based on cost, what the packages included, responsiveness, etc. Bill won out for us. I recommend that you do something similar! I can't wait to see/hear how your wedding comes together. It sounds awesome. (I read your post on the DW board)
  • looking on the big Island i have done some reasearch but its always nice tohave some one point u in the right direction thank ladies 
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    [QUOTE]I"m no help, I did all of our planning myself. It was actually really easy.
    Posted by kimmykupcakes[/QUOTE]

    Can you please help me with this? I am kind of stuck with planning this by myself.
  • I do have a coordinator...but I've done a lot of the leg work myself.  I might be able to advise you a bit on how I chose vendors, but I am really relying on my coordinator for the day of.  What island are you getting married on?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: wedding planners/coordinaters : Can you please help me with this? I am kind of stuck with planning this by myself.
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