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The Married Life!!! Vendor review and a teaser pic!

Hiya ladies!!!

Life is good, lemme tell ya! I'm still in my "let's move to HI in 6mos" phase lol, honeymoon bliss gotta love it. Everything went amazingly wonderful, save for the wind not blowing during the photoshoot and I sweated all over the damn place lol, gotta love photoshop! Still getting used to my new last name, but I like seeing it in print, makes it more real that I AM FLIPPIN MARRIED! :-D Ok let's get to the deets:

Above Heaven's Gate:
The crew here was beyond amazing from first email contact to the time we left Pukalani Falls garden. I spoke with Sara for all my coordinating needs, she was the best ever! She put up with my adding and subtracting to our package and all my weirdo freaked out over nothing bridal requests with love and grace, couldn't have asked for a better coordinator. I checked in with her after arriving in HI and we went over the timeline of events down to making sure we'll be out of there in time for dinner. My boss gifted me the $$ for hair and makeup (damn new car sucked up all our funds) so I was even able to add that the day we arrived on Oahu with no issues. Day of: Sara asked if I could call her when I was heading over b/c you have to be let into the property via doorbell and she wanted make sure she didn't miss the bell (such a sweetie).
Hair and Makeup: AHG 
I arrived with dress and jewelery and was swept into a blessedly air conditioned room to get dolled up. For some reason the wind decied to stop blowing when I needed it most so it was HOT AND STICKY like nobody's business! Tony, hair and makeup man extrodinaire, flat ironed and curled me to perfection and his makeup skills, girls lemme tell ya, I looked HOT! After I was bridal dolled up, he added the hair flowers and it was perfect, the volume and placement, the color, I couldn't have asked for better. He even laced me into my dress like the comsumate pro that he is.

Photography: AHG
For the life of me I can't remember our photog's name, by the time I met him we were 30mins behind b/c someone *cough, husband, cough* was late AND forgot the rings and his good luck chain at the cottage....Thank goodness we were only 9blks away. MIL made several trips for things the Mr. forgot....but no matter. We weren't rushed or anything. Even as I was getting dressed Judy, another coordinator, very calmly if everything was ok with Ed b/c he had not arrived by 1:30pm. The way she did it was so reassuring as to make sure I didn't panic, I knew he would be late so I didn't trip, the nature of my beast lol. I called him and of course he was at the front door ready to dash in and get dressed...ANYHOO, photog explained how he wanted to shoot the first reveal shot and it was so cute! The look on DH's face when he saw me in full bridal glory was priceless (can't WAIT to see that pic!). Photog captured our oohhh/ahhh moments and then the kissing for pix began. The Pukalani Falls garden shoot was relaxing but not just b/c it was so dang humid. It wasn't awkward though and nothing felt forced. DH isn't a natural smiler for pix and THANKFULLY his mom told him to say Sandia (watermelon in Spanish) b/c it naturally turns your face in to a smile, it made him laugh too so we have great pix of him really smiling. Once we were done in the garden we moved to the beach and took some AMAZING shots and I got my 'dress in the water" shots I wanted and I can't wait to see them!

it was so relaxing and flippin awesome! I LOVE Capt. Howie!  We were mic'd and camera's set up. Then the Captin starts talking to us and it wasn't really until he started to do vows did I realzie that "holy crap this is my wedding ceremony", I loved it. No pressure, didn't feel any nerves, the sea breeze kicked in so I wasn't hot anymore and it was perfect. I didn't cry the whole day, not a drop, that is an amazing feat b/c I am a crier for sure lol.

Dinner at Hau Tree Lanai, Kaimana Beach Hotel:

We missed the sunset b/c my stupid GPS decided downtown Waikiki was a good time to freeze, but it was a blessing anyway b/c it was overcast and you couldn't see anything anyway. The service was excellent, the food was better and they brought out a slice of chocolate n fresh fruit wedding cake witha candle on it :-). We got to feed each other cake,something I wasn't expecting to be able to do. My awesome MIL encouraged the mini cake fight at the table lol, that woman is a riot! Love the heck outta her! After wiping off our faces we made a graceful exit to start the funtime wedding night ;-)

The End, Fin, Nada Mas!

Now for what you've all be waiting for: the picuture! 

(not an optical illusion, we are really that gorgeous in real life) LOL I silly, pretty, but silly LOL again! 

and to top it all off, DH wants to have babies right away as opposed to waiting like we originally said! So excited! We've agreed that if I'm not knocked up now then I'll be on the pill for a couple months, I want to drop some more lbs, then let the baby makin begin :-D

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Re: The Married Life!!! Vendor review and a teaser pic!

  • You crack me up!  You looked beautiful!!!  Congrats a wonderful day!  Can't wait to see more pictures!  I too am still in "I could move to maui and work at a smoothie stand on the beach" mode =)
    <img src="http://tinyurl.com/8jmzvqd
    " width="140px">

    <img src="http://tinyurl.com/ctgumez
    " width="140px">


    <a href="http://www.thebump.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=HTML&utm_campaign=tickers" title="Getting Pregnant"><img src="http://global.thebump.com/tickers/tt11e77d.aspx" alt=" BabyFruit Ticker" border="0" /></a>
  • Congratulations!!! Love the sneak peak picture and can't wait to see more!

    OMG... You are too funny! I'm so excited to read such great reviews about Above Heaven's Gate. FI and I just booked with them 3 weeks ago and I'm so giddy about it! We aren't getting married until May but I figure I'm allowed to be giddy about it since it's my wedding! :)

    Can I ask where you guys stayed? We don't want be right in the city and we don't want to do the hotel thing, so we are looking at houses to rent and would like to stay near where the ceremony is actually going to be. Thanks in Advance! :)

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  • First of all Congratulations!!!!!
    Second, Love the picture and yes you are both very good looking. Love the flowers in your hair and "Tony" did do an amazing job. 
    Last, would you write my reviews? lol Ok so it's on a different island but really how different could it be? 
    Thank you for checking in and I can't wait to see more pictures. 
  • Congratulations! I'm glad everything went well and now you can breathe! Post some more pictures when you get them.

    Ladies, let me tell you... and I hate to rain on your parade... but living in Hawaii does wear off!! FI and I moved here from the mainland for his work (temporarily... been 8 months and looking at at least another year)... and by week 6 you would be going stir crazy!!

    Yes, Hawaii is BEAUTIFUL, an amazing place to vacation, get married, or spend a month a year here, but living here is a whole different story. There are lots of things that we don't have here that are only on the mainland, it's very expensive, crowded, lots of traffic, and you are stranded on an island!! Also, so many online stores/businesses don't ship to Hawaii and if they do it costs an arm and a leg. Island time is frustrating sometimes... especially if you are into being super efficient. Also, they don't sell summer clothes here in the winter. (Still can't figure that one out..)

    So, I just want to make y'all feel better about returning to reality... Hawaii is amazing in short doses. But PLEASE enjoy mainland luxuries for those of us who do actually live here (Trader Joes, Olive Garden, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ikea, Loft, etc...)

    Sorry to go off on a tangent here. And congratulations Mrs. M!!
  • Yeah!!! You 2 looked great! Glad to hear it went well!!
  • OMG OMG you look so beautiful!!!!  Congrats!!!!  I'm super stoked now after reading your review of Above Heaven's Gate....I can't wait til we meet everyone there in person in April!!!
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  • Congrats! Captain Howie married us too! Can't wait to see more pics! 
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  • How exciting!!!  I too will be married by Captain Howie and I have waited so patiently for your review =) You looked gorgeous!  Loved hearing that yout DH did well in photos as I am not a "natural" in photos either!!  I have to remember to use Sandia =) Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!!
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  • Thanks for the love ladies!!! Glad to hear so many of you are using AHG, trust me you will LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!  The pictures of the gardens and the beach do NOT do them justice.  The water is really much bluer (not a word but you get what I mean lol) and the gardens, omg, heavenly!!!! The beach is really right across the street and honestly there were maybe 15ppl on the beach when we did our shoot and of those 15 2 sets were other brides doing photos lol. Everyone is respectful of your wedding and for the 2 idiots who tried to walk in our backgourd our camera guy did the most awesome "move out the way" dance and the politely walked around us. The water is so warm. OMG let me shut up b/c I want to go back again lol. You will love everyone there, they are so nice.

    One thing I will say is: whatever package you chose add about $300 to it and let me tell you why: we didn't anticipate photo touch ups but trust me, you will want this. They show you a before/after to prove the point and the before isn't an option at all. They politely photoshopped our sweat out of the pics and with the heat, you will SWEAT! my makeup didn't come off, but it wasn't exactly pretty. They charge $90/hr and recommend at least 2hrs, it was worth it to us. Also we upgraded to HD for our video so that was an extra $75 too. But here is where Above Heaven's Gate totally wins: we weren't prepared to pay the full amount with the last min add ons so they let us pay the balance when we got home. Married on a Thurs, arrived home Monday, paid balance that Friday.  When I called in to pay, Judy told me she wasn't even gonna ask about it until my photos arrived (another 2wks later). They are really the coolest ppll ever, so chill man, so chill.

    We stayed at Waimanalo Beach Cottages btw, 9blocks away the beach is NEVER crowded and it's only a 20-30min drive to Waikiki for the touristy stuffs.

    We should have our pictures by this Thursday so I will be posting all of them along with our video. 

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