Has anyone done a Maui sunset dinner cruise?

Maui wedding this July and would like to do a sunset dinner cruise for about 50 people for the rehearsal ...anyone done this before? Any recommendations on which company to use? Can do the private catamaran thing or have the upper deck (sounds windy!) on a bigger boat that will have 300 total on board. Reviews on both options are mixed on TripAdvisor so not really sure if it would be as fun as it sounds.

Re: Has anyone done a Maui sunset dinner cruise?

  • I don't know how your wedding party does on water, but you might want to consider whether anyone would get seasick and if that's a risk you want to take.  Some of my family members get so seasick they're out of commission for 12 hours afterward -- not something I wanted them to feel for the day of the wedding.  We ended up having dinner at sunset with a stunning view on land, and saved the water for the whale watching tour the afternoon AFTER the wedding.   Of course, the 300 person boat is probably more stable than the private dinner -- but still something to think about.  If everyone has sea legs, you're probably ok :)
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