What month is better?

it'd be easiest for us to set our 2012 wedding date during spring break (the week before easter) or during summer break (school ends late June) and not take days off during the school year.  I've gotten a little family nudge to consider a fall wedding as airfares may be lower.

It's so far in advance so I could only compare sept 2011 to april 2012 and june 2012.  The LAX to HNL fares came out to $576/$606/$710 when I looked at kayak.com.  I figure there is a similar price difference in month of travel when it comes to hotel and car rental.  I've been madly "googling" on this topic, and some forums state that prices drop after easter and that the week right before easter is not a good time to travel to hawaii.

Any thoughts on this?  We haven't booked anything yet but I'm kinda mentally set on the spring break week unless there are any huge problems or other things to consider?

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    We considered spring break but pricing was higher for both airfare and rooms (plus everything was busier) so we ended up with a Fall wedding.
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    Other than pricing differences it doesn't really matter so much. The weather is consistent year round and even though there's a "peak season" and an "off season" the difference between the two isn't very great.
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    Congratulations to you and your fiance! It's so hard to coordinate schedules. SInce you're pretty far in advance I think you could do either. We're having ours in mid september near the end of peak season. It's also easier for your guests with kids to do it during breaks.

    I gave people a lot of time to plan and since we had a year notice, we actually found some great deals on flights as we kept looking for them during the year and our friends kept track and let us know too. For our wedding in September, we found ticket prices went up after the first of the year and again in late spring when people are making summer travel arrangements. 

    Good luck! :)
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    Hey there!
    I don't really know which 'month' is better... we looked into June and March and March won because of future sister in law's spring break schedule not really anything more than that.

    I do have a few suggestions to save guests some money... which is what we are doing for our guests...

    We have been checking prices daily from LAS, LAX, SFO, and ORD to HNL since most of our guests are flying in from there.
    We ended up purchasing tickets from Orbitz.com $480 round trip from LAS to HNL for March 2012 (2 weeks before easter) and my parents from ORD to HNL for $540 round trip.
    We have seen prices for the same date go up to where the cheapest prices are around $700 per person. So what we did was assign my sister to send out 'email alerts' and email family members when tickets were below $600 round trip from any of those locations. Guests seemed to like that.

    Since a bunch of our guests know each other, we opted to do vacation rental condos instead of hotels. So each condo has about 2-3 rooms and a couple can fit into each room. It was about $350 for the 3 rooms in the condo each night. So it ended up being cheaper than hotel rooms. We used VRBO.com so you can check that out. I don't know how far you are into planning... but for example...we are staying in Ko Olina ... and found a lady that manages 30 condos... so our guests got a 10% discount to book through her.

    I hope this helps! Basically... whatever month you pick... flights will fluctuate on a daily basis so as long as your guests or someone is looking out for great fares you should be okay =)
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