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Maui Wedding Review

*cracks knuckles*

I want to preface this with "I really have been a mellow bride but...." the day before the wedding my now hubby went and got himself sunburnt beet red.  We had been so careful with keeping him from burning.  So when he came home from surfing with the guys I was so livid that I did not look at him nor speak to him till 8 am the next morning (morning of the wedding).   By that morning due to aloe and cold tea bags the sun burn subsided to pink.  This tidbit of info will make sense when it comes to MUA.

Olowalu Plantation: There are several WONDERFUL venues on the island but I honestly could not see myself getting married anywhere but here.  This is a gorgeous place with such an open and airy feeling.  I highly recommend this venue to all Maui brides, its private and a whole world upon its own.  The ocean front views are spectacular.

Cherise Shulman (The Perfect Wedding Maui)- Cherise was and is a spectacular person.  From the moment that we spoke the first time till the moment we parted ways at the end if the wedding day has been helpful,friendly and all around awesome.  She has such a warm and soft spoken way about her.  I was not the type of bride that had a specific vision in mind.  I had a outline but nothing solid and Cherise was able to help me solidify it into a fabulous wedding that all the guests enjoyed.  Cherise was very precise and clear during the rehearsal and the wedding day went by so smoothly under Cherise's guiding hands.  Plus Cherise has so many connections, she will definitely have a vendor to fit your budget. 

Regina C. (Hair Stylist): Regina is a petite bundle of love.  I booked her through Cherise (Cherise's suggestion).  Regina called me the day before the wedding to talk about what time we would arrive and about the BM's hair as well as mine.  She checked in with me to make sure that I was good and knew what to expect.  I had an idea of what I wanted my hair to look like but no details.  When Regina arrived she sat me down told me to look through her look books and pick out what I liked.  From there she created me a hair style incorporating what I liked.  It went by so quickly, probably because when she talks and told me stories it made me relax and time fly by.

Jessica Waite (MUA): OMG I can see why so many brides rave about her.  Jessica is such a sweet person.  Sitting there on the lanai while she did my make up was one of the best moments.  She has a light touch and I loved my make up.  She asked me what I wanted and I honestly didn't know what I wanted but I knew what I didn't want and from there she did my make up with a light touch and added pops of colors if I wanted more.  She even as a last last minute request stayed at the venue to wait for my husband to arrive so she could put make up on him to tone down his sunburn.  If you can afford it I highly recommend Jessica.  I opted for airbrush since I don't wear make up.  Did not feel the make up on my face and it was sweat proof. 

Pastor Pia: His smiling face already put me to ease, I didn't have any contact with Pia before the wedding day.  Cherise was the one who booked him for us and was the go in between.  My husband and I were able to write and recite our own vows and it fit into Pia's ceremony so well.  He was such a wonderful presence and brought a beautiful Hawaiian presence to our day.My niece the flower girl ended up standing next to Pia, she was fascinated with him, Pia was really sweet and invited her there since she standing right behind me in the aisle staring at PIa.

DJ Dan Viola: DJ Dan from the moment I talked to him over the phone for the first time made me feel a great connection to him.  He provided all our ceremony and reception music along with mics for the Hubs and Pastor PIa.  He played an assortment of music that included some or our must play as well as genres we loved.  I had guests comment that his playlist sounded like theirs.  He didn't play anything on our "no fly list" and took requests like a pro.  He also was an awesome MC for our first dance, creme brulee cracking and the bouquet and garter toss. 

Marbelle Photography: Jennifer arrived and was such a take charge upbeat person.  She kept making sure that I would notify her of what pictures I wanted.  But I completely trusted her eye and happily took directions from her.  My husband is not one for posing for pictures, his face usually turns up looking awkward.  But under Jennifer's guiding hand I believe my husband did a great job.  Also have to say she great job herding my family around and making sure everyone got into the shot.  Will have to admit that when I first saw her all in black with lace up black boots I was kind of intimidated, but hey by the end of the night when she joined in the Danish Wedding traditions I have to say I was pretty sad to see her leave. 

Doug Deboer (Wedding glow Video): Video was a last minute addition, so Cherise was able to find me someone who would fit into my budget.  Cherise sent me links to his website and videos. Doug arrived and came to ask what type of filming I wanted,.  He took my wishes into consideration and went off to tape the venue and all sorts of details.  I loved it, having a professional take the initiative to know what will look good and not come consult me all the time.  Doug's filming was never intrusive, it wasn't till after the wedding that guest's told me how Doug came around and filmed them giving us well wishes.  My husband's younger siblings liked him, he is a pretty cool guy.  I can't wait to see the video.

Food for the Soul:  What can I say about Tina and Rob that hasn't already been said.  These dynamic duo along with their staff were and are wonderful people.  The appetizers and dinner was delicious.  I loved their baked brie wheel and the poke cups.  The filet was tender and melted in my mouth and the seared ahi was cooked to perfection.  Tina was so accommodating when I asked that we sub creme brulee for a top tier cake to cut into.  The creme brulee and wedding cupcakes I think were from cake fanatics who were contracted through FFtS.  It was also a big life saver that FFtS also provided table and tableware rentals. 

Dellaables: Della has to be by far the vendor that came through for me.  Della's house burnt down and so she didn't have much to work with in terms of flowers.  But she came through and brought these BEAUTIFUL center pieces and bouquets.  I just told her the colors of the wedding and gave her pics of what I liked and told her to use whatever flowers she like and she gave me these wonderful pieces.  If you want someone creative that can take your vision and transform it, then Della is the one for you.

Re: Maui Wedding Review

  • YAY!  Awesome reviews with lots of detail.  Thanks!  I'm so glad everything turned out so well, especially knowing how much faith you had that things would be alright.  It's a great example of how picking the right vendors you can trust start to line everything up.  I'm glad you loved Jessica and Dan Viola -- and sigh @ the sunburn.  It looks fine in the photos so I guess the Aloe + makeup worked magic! 

    How sad about Della's house... that's just unbelievable!  I'm impressed she was still able to pull off such amazing work despite the circumstances.  I'm not sure I could function.
  • jtolyjtoly member
    Congrats!!! You looked beautiful and I loved your hair. Glad hubby's burn was better the next day. Your flowers were beautiful, what great colors! So glad everything was awesome!
    ~jenn~ Photobucket Anniversary
  • Thank you for the reviews. I was going to use Regina, but she was booked. She did a great job on your hair. I completely understand on the sunburn. We were just away at the beach for the Fourth Holiday and FH got really burned. I kept telling him  it won't be that way in HI because he needs to be comfortable and look his best in pictures. Your pics turned out lovely so it didn't show. Glad it all worked out. The flowers were amazing especially after knowing what she has been through. 
  • Eeek! Sunburn? That's insane. I'm glad Jess was as amazing as always and was able to help. Honestly, I think she's one of the most lovely people we worked with - SO sweet (her charity work is just inspiring) and totally worth every penny. And poor Della! It's incredible how she came through for you (my florist gave birth the day before my wedding, and I'm still in awe of what she managed to pull off given that)!

    I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!
  • Great review!!! So insightful. Sorry about the hubby getting burnt! : I keep emphasizing to my BMs not to get too much sun the days prior...so I hope they heed my advice... Nonetheless looks like everyone pulled through and your wedding came together beautifully! Thanks for this! Reading rave reviews makes me that much more confident in the vendors I ended up hiring!
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  • Congratulations!! You look absolutely beautiful, glad everything turned out amazing for you and your hubby!! xoxo

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