Parasols for bridemaids

Hi Ladies!

I love the idea of having my bridemaids carry the parasol instead of a bouquet.  I have seen a lot of nice pictures here but am not sure what size to order. The one that I like only come with 26" and I am not so sure if it would be too small or not. All my BMs are petite. What size parasols did you use?????? Thanks!

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    Mine had that size - or perhaps it was 28"... it seemed to work out okay!
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    Are you getting married actually on the beach?  I thought about parasols, but because we're getting married on the beach where the tradewinds can be really strong, I decided that it would be really taking a chance to have paper parasols out there for the whole ceremony, and instead we're going to handmake bouquets for the girls.  

    If you're up off the beach, this might not be as much of an issue (or if you don't care if they may need to be closed at some point).
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    Thank Ladies.

    Carrie, our wedding will be at the Olowalu Plantation house in Maui. I want the BMs to walk out with a parasols and then have them closed during the ceremony and we can use them again for pictures. :)
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