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Officiant Issues on Oahu

I have read many positive posts about Kahu Bruce so I inquired about him. He happened to be available for our date which is in 5 days...however, there has been little communication with him for several months now. I have tried on multiple occasions to send him emails, no response back; I call him, he's too busy to chat with me about our ceremony. I am trying to finish my programs, and have no idea about our ceremony events. I have my rough draft of how I think the ceremony should occur but wanted him to overlook what I have created to make sure it flows right. I'm not a diffiicult bride to work with, but this is a major part of our wedding. Has anyone else encountered this with Kahu Bruce that has used him in the past or planning for him in the future?

Re: Officiant Issues on Oahu

  • We are not using him but I just wanted to let you know that I personally would be upset and you have every right this close to your wedding to be concerned. 
    I really hope this all works out for you. 
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    We had some trouble contacting him.  Phone calls work best, and occasionally he'd randomly call us up.  We spoke with him more closer to the date to set up a meeting time to go over the ceremony elements.  We didn't use a program, though he did send us an outline of the ceremony before the wedding, but we didn't need one.  He explained everything to us and to our guests as it happened.  I'd phone him and ask him to send you the ceremony details if you are looking to make programs, and to set up a meeting time to go over them while you're in Hawaii.  The ceremony was fantastic for us
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  • He did send us his ceremony elements, however I'm not wanting to incorporate the Hawaiian portion of the ceremony. Also, we are doing unity sand and my fiances father is reading a scripture. It's a little different than his typical ceremony so I want to make sure its all correct. I just learned last week he will not be in attendance to the rehearsal. We have a time set up with him to meet at the Department of Health, but booked with another couple. Any time I call, he seems extremely busy and that I am bothering him. 
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    Hmm.  We had our "rehearsal" with him at the DOH.  We didn't do a rehearsal the day before.  But that meeting was where we went over all the ceremony details and if we were wanting to do anything different.  But we also went with his ceremony as we wanted the Hawaiian elements, so I'm not sure what other advice to give you.  Sorry you're having a rough time with it.  
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  • I would definitely keep my options open if I were in your situation...just as a backup.
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  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    Let us know if things work out ok!!
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  • We're using Kahu Bruce, and haven't had any problems yet.  Our wedding is in 4 months. We played phone tag for a little bit but he usually answered back within 24 hours, even called me inbetween his services just to touch base. He told me that calls are best, calls during the week days are better. Weekends are usually packed with services and weddings.

    I should mention that I'm a local bride and he lives in the same town as me...

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    It sounds like he's super busy, especially if you're having your meeting with another couple. I'd just try calling him again and let him know you're working on a program. We did his standard ceremony & really loved it. Try not to stress too much, it'll all work out!
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    That's really stressful. I have had some similar issues with trying to get hold of many officiants on Oahu. We haven't tried kahu bruce. Anyone out there recommend any other officiants who are reliable and will answer calls or emails without too much hassle. You would think these people would want your business!!!
  • jtolyjtoly member
    Ours emailed or called back within hours every time. I never waited. Her name was Rev Rosemary Hill from myhawaiiwedding.com
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  • So, just got back from our wedding and honeymoon. All went really well after booking through our chapel, Rev. Keawe Bray. He was so pleasant to work with and no complaints! Thanks for all the support as I went through a mental breakdown! lol
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