NWR: A request for vibes

So, two months ago, I was declared surplus to my school, but was told at that time that I would be able to apply for a leadership position at the beginning of June that would allow me to stay, get a raise and further my career. The catch was that I'd have to wait it out through one more round of interviews to see if there was actually a qualified candidate. No one applied, so we were hoping it was clear sailing.

Anyway, this week I had my interview, but (unfortunately) there was another person applying for the job too. A much older teacher who is probably more experienced. My principal put my name forward as the person they want to hire out of the two, but the decision now needs to be approved by the board. It should have been wrapped up as of Wednesday night. And as of Friday morning, there's been no news.

This *may* mean that the board wants my principal to hire my competition because she has more experience than I do. Frown So, any spare job vibes that you have lying about... well... I'd really appreciate it.

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