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Maui beach rules

We are planning to elope to Maui on February 7th and are getting married at Secret Beach. 
We had originally not told anyone we were getting married and were just going on our own.  It sounds like now that FI's 99 year old grandmother and aunt may be coming.  I am wondering if we would be able to bring a chair for Grandma down to the beach as she could not stand for a long period.  Does anyone know what the rules are?
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Re: Maui beach rules

  • Hawaii passed a law a few years ago whereas not to allow decorations, alcohol, etc on the beaches. I'm sure if you ask however for a chair, your coordinator can probably accomodate it. :)

  • hawaiiwife is right... no chairs, structures, etc... BUT

    I read it not too long ago.... and I'm pretty sure there's a little clause in the law, that says where it's necessary to accomodate someone for medical, disability, etc reasons... it's fine to have a chair.  Believe me, (I work with many, many police officers in my FT job and several are friends) no police officer or park official (whatever they have out there) is going to be that much of a jerk and give you a $5,000 fine for having a chair there for a 99 year old woman!
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  • Thanks,  I asked my co-ordinator and she said it would be fine so we will trust her.  I agree though it would be pretty rude to give a fine to a 99 year old woman!
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  • I agree with the ladies above, and if all else fails - you're on a beach, they allow beach chairs.  Just make the chair look 'beachy' and you should be fine, the ceremonies go by so quick I don't think anyone will care. 
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  • I think the bigger issue is probably getting to and from the location - beach wedding locations are generally not terribly accessible to those with limited mobility.  Especially if there's a long sandy approach or stairs.  You should definitely think about picking a location that takes this into consideration.
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