Welcome to the Hawaii Board!

Welcome to the Hawaii Board!  This is a fantastic community of helpful, creative, wise members who share a love of weddings, Hawaii, and weddings in Hawaii.  Join us in the conversation!

We've compiled a set of links to help you get started!

Some of the best info is tucked away in our planning bios.  Click the links in other members' signatures to see the latest.

If you're getting married on Maui, be sure to check out Knottie Jackcody's incredibly helpful Maui Planning page:

Whether you're researching or writing post-wedding reviews, don't forget to post on Wedding Channel, theKnot's sister site:

Want to know who else is around & getting married?  Check out the Hawaii Bride Calendar.  If you want to be added, PM Tanq&Tonic.

Older but still helpful links:

Vendors used by other Knotties:

Index of Hawaii Knotties planning bios:


And of course, our Terms of Service...

The complete list of rules:

In summary:

Absolutely no soliciting - don't post about your business, don't mention or link to it in your signature, and don't contact or PM other members even if your skills match what they seek.   And if a member asks for a business recommendation, you cannot respond with yours.

Be respectful - no personal attacks, no harrassment, no rude or hateful behavior.  Bullying will not be tolerated.

Be careful - remember this is still a public forum, so use discretion in what you share and what you post.

No collecting, storing or posting personal other members’ personal information.  Regardless of what was shared by another member, you may not repost their names, photos or any other identifying information. Invading the privacy of another member will result in an immediate termination of your account.

While we have admins and mods, we understand that not every post that violates our rules will be caught.  As members of the community, please report posts that you think are out of line so we have an opportunity to investigate.

Enough business for now!  WELCOME and happy planning!
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