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Best decision / worst decision.

Since we have a large number of new brides (and grooms!) on the board, I thought it'd be fun for everyone to chip in their best and worst decisions around the wedding so we can all learn (and maybe laugh?).  You don't have to be married to share -- best / worst decisions thus far are perfectly valid!  Here are mine:

Best decision:
Investing in the personal touches.  Most of you know DH built a letterpress to make our invitations, programs, menus, and thank you cards.  He actually framed all of those into one big piece of wall art for me which now hangs in the bedroom.  I know most of our guests probably never noticed those details, but I wake up every day and smile when I see everything on the wall. 

Worst decision:
Allowing a vendor to have their way when I wasn't comfortable.  Specifically, 2 incidents come to mind.  1) Letting our photog pressure me into making a public blog post with our photos (y'all know me...I'm super anti public photos) and 2) Letting Dan be lackadaisical with our timeline.  Stick to your guns if it feels off!

How about you?

Re: Best decision / worst decision.

  • Wow it's been awhile for me!!! Hi ladies!! Best- Maui as our destination. It's been 8 months and I still look at my pics frequently. I get so many comments on how beautiful and perfect it was. I don't think I have one negative thing to say about anything from our wedding day. Absolutely loved every vendor involved. Worst- the choice to delay any formal celebrations after our ceremony in Maui and save it for an AHR. Although it was nice to spend the whole night with hubby after a brief dinner with the family, it was kind of sad to cut the night short. The AHR was nice but for the amount of money spent it really didn't feel worth it- it kind of felt like the moment was gone and everything didn't mean quite as much as it would have if it were to have immediately followed the ceremony. Happy planning!
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  • Good post. 

    Best: To get married in Maui. Like Jenn we have both been married before and didn't really want the big wedding. Hanging on the beach in Cabo last year made us think we should just go somewhere we have never been and have our wedding there. I have never been a risk taker so this is a big step but I know it will all be worth it. 

    Worst: Although our original date was set I now think I should have waited a little while before ordering some of our logo items. We are now in the process of having the date changed on that logo and then back to the process of reordering those items. I told FI that I want to wait a few months and he said we are going to be in Maui no matter what for this date and I need to go ahead and place the orders. I am just really frugal and I hate that we lost that money. 
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    Cryssv!! Long time no see! Congrats on the baby! I was in BC last weekend & you popped in my mind (weird i know!) Best: getting our awesome rental house/venue from vrbo! The view was stunningly perfect & it was So affordable!! ($500) Oh and hiring Kahu Bruce as our officiant! He made the wedding feel so legit & meaningful! Worst: trying to do so much work myself, I had good intentions & Did save a good bit of money but it wasn't worth the stress. I should've forked over the money for a real DOC & paid for set up/break down, etc. Oh and partying til past midnight & having the neighbors call the cops on us probably wasn't smart! At least we can laugh about it though!
  • Best decision:    getting a WC as we both work long hours and I didnt have a clue where to begin. She gave us so many ideas, saved us costs in many areas we had not thought about and love that we still keep in touch to this day.

    Worst decision:  Only coming to Hawaii a couple of days before wedding......if I had to do it all over again, I would have come at least 4 days before to have time just to relax.    First day was Costco run, marriage license, hair and make-up trial, then family came in, second day was already rehearsal and then the wedding.  It goes by way too fast.
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