Ceremony and Reception @ Merriman's Question

Have any brides had both their ceremony and reception at Merriman's in Maui?  If so, did you use an outside wedding coordinator or the restaurant's coordinator? 

I took a look at the wedding information guide that's on their website but found it slightly confusing with all the potential added fees that they mentioned.  Does anyone have any tips or advice on having the ceremony and reception there?  I'm still waiting for the restaurant to get back to me with more info.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Ceremony and Reception @ Merriman's Question

  • tdreiertdreier member
    edited December 2011
    we are getting married on the beach below and having the reception at merriman's. we already had a coordinator before making this decision so we're using ours and there's. the pricing is tricky, there are a lot of extra fees!! once you have an idea of what you want and an rough estimate on people, they can send you an estimate price quote and you can see where it all comes from.  good luck
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