Wedding Ceremony Music?

We are having our ceremony at a church and the church requires that we have music that is "appropriate" for the church ceremony.  Problem is, the church is not recommending any musicians - it is up to me to find them.  What musician are you gals using for your ceremony or reception? Then I can call them and see if they have any experience performing church ceremony music. I feel so lost and wish the church would just tell me who to use that's "appropriate"!

Re: Wedding Ceremony Music?

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    A lot of churches have a list of music they deem appropriate, I take it this isn't one? What kind of requirements do they have? (Like: must be classical, no lyrics, must be religious in nature, etc) You could always try posting this over on the Catholic board too - I know my Catholic friends have had a big long list of things they could and couldn't have at their ceremonies.
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