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Dress Alterations

Hey girls!

I'm having a barefoot ceremony then I am putting on 3" heels for the reception. How did yall alter your dresses?

Also is it possible to wear wedges in the sand? (this would solve my issue)


Re: Dress Alterations

  • Good question. I just made my alteration appt. yesterday and she was telling me to bring my shoes and I have the same problem. I would also like to hear the response on this one. 

    Luilucinda, I didn't realize there was another bride with the same date. Will you be on Maui? 
  • Funny I'm oct 18th and I just went to talk to a seamstress yesterday... Looks like we're all on the same time line. I told my lady not to account for the fact I'll be on sand, she said with sand u can sink in so dress will be longer, but I rather be longer then shorter :)
  • As someone whose dress was half and inch too long, I feel like I *have* to say this...

    When the hem of a wedding dress crumples / lays against the floor / grass / sand, it looks dumpy.  Plain & simple.  I had my dress altered but forgot to account for grass, which rises above the ground you stand on.  It did not look as crisp and put together as I wanted to look after all of the effort to find the perfect dress, get alterations, H&M, etc.  Even if you're going for a super laid back look, a long dress is difficult to walk on.  Nothing glamorous about a gal walking down the aisle and tripping on the front of her dress.

    My advice if you're getting married on the sand...

    1) Barefoot for ceremony, flats for the rest of the day.  You'll be comfortable, you'll be carefree, and your dress will look good!

    2) Get a super awesome hem job with 2 heights to the dress.  Think bustle, but one that applies all the way around which you only undo once you put the heels on.  With the tiered dresses that are so popular, you could make the last few inches detatchable.

    And wedges / heels in the sand are not a good idea.  I wear heels for work every day, and I couldn't manage walking in sand in heels.
  • depending on what your dress looks like, you can always have a two system bustle that also bustles in the front! i've seen some girls do this so they can change into their party shoes :)

    the bustle in the front works for dresses with pickups or design in the front :)
  • I'm also getting married in barefeet. I plan on flats for the rest of the day to keep things simple. The two system bustle does sound pretty cool, though!
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  • Hey no. Im getting married in oahu. When looking at prices for flights and hotels and stuff oahu would be cheaper for my guests. My dress is a simple stafford sweetheart neckline chiffon dress thats kinda a line so I dont have the option of a bustle in the front/back.....maybe using that hem tape so I can release it for the reception?
  • TanqTonic How do you get a two length hem? Ive never heard of this before. The reason I do not what to hem it for flats is because I plan to wear the dress again with heels. I am also very short. 4'9" so I need to wear heels during the reception.
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