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I have seen the one knotties recommendation for Vanessa Thompson at Silver Stitch for a steam and press for the wedding dress.
I am wondering if anyone else has any oher recommendations for a place to steam and press my wedding dress in Maui.
My coordinator gave my Elly's in Kihei but their yelp remarks are old  (2009) and mediocre.

I appreciate any suggesions and opinions!


Re: Steam and Press in Maui

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    Elly's does steaming, but they never replied my e-mail when I inquired about pricing.  I think L'amour Bridal Boutique does steaming (located in Kahului).

    Quite frankly, I think Vanessa at Silver Stitch was the best pick.  Great prices and she's also such a friendly person.  She works out of her home, but very professional and great customer service.  You can see a few more reviews here:

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    Our hotel said they send all of their bridal gowns to Valley Isle Dry Cleaning for pressing / steaming -- the treatment and price depends on the dress and fabric.  We didn't end up using them so I have no reviews -- my dress travelled fine when rolled and we just hung it in the hotel to straighten for a few days. 

    I have heard mixed things about Elly's...just overall reviews about their service have been mixed so I wouldn't want to trust anything to them just in case something went wrong.
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