when to send invitations?

I'm wondering when I should send my invitations for our Hawaii wedding. I can't remember if I saw somewhere that sending invites for a destination wedding 6 mos in advance is ideal/appropriate. If it is, my concern is that we'd be sending the invitations out just before Christmas and that doesn't seem OK to me. Can you ladies give some suggestions as to what you did or will do? (note: our guests received save-the-dates 1 year in advance)
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Re: when to send invitations?

  • We did Save the Dates 9 months in advance, and actual invites 8 weeks in advance with the RSVP date 4 weeks in advance.  I'm a firm believer that sending early invites is silly, and requiring early RSVPs is even sillier -- life changes, so you can't really count on much anyway.

    With that said, the etiquette for DWs varies widely, and others will say waiting until 2 months is ridiculous because 1) their guests need the time to plan, or 2) no one will think it's official until the actual invites go out.  I would suggest doing what's right for your group of guests, but continue to be flexible on the RSVP date until you absolutely must have a final count for the caterer and other vendors (generally 3-4 weeks out).  In your case, I would wait until after Christmas to send them, just to avoid any confusion of cards getting buried under holiday greetings!
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    I am working on my STDs with no hurry for my 8-8-13 wedding right now.  Those will go out in the next month.

    I am planning on sending my invites out in the end of May next year....8-10 weeks max.  My venue needs final count only 20 days in advance!  I am booking the minimum amt of guests to start.
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  • We sent save the dates about 8 or 9 months in advance and the invites I think about 8-10 weeks in advance. We only invited immediate family so they decided and made plans to come long before the invites were sent. They were just a formality for us since we were such a small group. Good luck!
  • I sent save-the-dates 8 months in advance and sending invitations 2-3 months in advance. Reason why we are sending invites out so early is because many of our guests are starting to book things and we want them to be informed of what we have to offer in terms of discounts.
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