Hi ladies

Hello, my name is Lyn.  I got engaged last fall after a session of surfing, my now FI thought it be a good idea to propose to me while I was still in my wet suit, salty and carrying my long board.  The wedding isn't until next year, as I am finishing up Graduate school and we're saving money for the wedding.  I'm from Southern California, but I try to come visit Hawaii every year.  We're planning a small wedding in Maui, so I've been lurking on here and learning from everyone's informative posts.  I wanted to introduce myself and get to know you ladies.  Since I feel lousy if I just hoped on here down the road asking questions before  introducing myself.  I hope that everyone had a great weekend.

Edit: I usually post over on the Not Engaged Yet board, as that was where I started since I wasn't engaged yet. 

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