NWR: 5 things that amaze you

1.  In-flight internet.  Possibly one of the most brilliant inventions ever for those of us that fly a lot.  Our entire wedding was pretty much planned thanks to GOGOInflight Wireless :)
2.  Sunrise & sunset - anywhere.
3.  Nature photographers / videographers.  How on earth do you find that kind of patience to lay still for hours, days, or months just to get ONE SHOT?  (Think about Planet Earth, LIFE, Nat Geo, etc)
4.  Parenting.  From the outside, it's the scariest, most thankless responsibility I've seen.  And yet somehow, so joyful.
5.  My insatiable love of food, booze, camera gear, purses, and shoes.

What amazes you?

Re: NWR: 5 things that amaze you

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    LOVE this!

    1. How hilarious teenagers are - especially when you're not their parents.

    2. How much money I drop on jcrew swimwear. What is wrong with me?!? I bought 3 swimsuits this year... add that to the... uhm... 4 or 5 I already own... gah. Too many swimsuits!

    3. That there are people who believe that global warming isn't real.

    4. The night sky. Everytime I get to look up and see the Milky Way, I'm overwhelmed with how tiny we are. I am in awe of the heavens.

    5. I can't believe it's been almost 2 years and that I seriously love my husband more now than I did when we got married. I didn't think that was possible, but it is!
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    Tanq-- your #3 and #4 I agree with entirely! #3-- especially since I'm a photographer and I thought KIDS were hard and also a videographer. #4 I spent the morning with my friend and her two kids and I swear she's a rockstar.

    Alyson-- I love your #5

    Here are mine:

    1. All of the crazy conspiracy theories/theorists (expanding from Alyson's #3)

    2. The brain.

    3. How big the world feels and yet how small it really is.

    4. Pretty much anything technological when you think about it.

    5. The fact that I found my soulmate in my best friend. The friend I spent the morning with today knew us from when we were best friends, all 5 years of it. And I told her that sometimes out of nowhere we'll just look at each other, laugh and say "You're Breanna" or "Haha! I'm Kissing Steve!!" It's silly, but we've still been friends longer than we've been together, and even though it's perfect and it feels so right, sometimes it's funny when you really think about it. There was a time, 4 years ago (?), that my mom said that I should date Steve and I said "Eww mom, no way, he's my best friend, that'd be like dating a brother!" HA! Of course that planted the notion in my head and over the course of the next year I started falling for him!
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    Love your answers!  YES to all of the above, and I really love both of your #5.  THAT is the meaning of love, and frankly, life.  :)  We are lucky ladies here.
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    Aww, everyones answers are so awesome.

    1. The stars, and looking up into the sky at night. Just like kaesha, it really shows us how small we really are.

    2. The point during the evening, when the sun is going down, and every thing has an orangy glow, and the lighting is perfect. Everything feels dreamy. Photographers dream! Seriously, my husband hates when I'm driving home around that time, because I am too focused on making pictures in my head, or being taken away by the beauty of the sunset.

    3. The first time I "smell winter". I love that point during about October/November when the air smells brisk, and woodsy, and clean, crisp. =)

    4. How much I love ice cream.

    5. Psychology- and Human interaction
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    Well you ladies have already covered several that I agree with
    tanq-1&5 and why do only some airlines have this?? step it up united!!!
    alyson- 3 and recycling…yes it does matter

    1. My dogs- where does all the hair come from. I clean non stop and with the amount you two shed you should be bald.

    2. What people will were in public. The pajamification (a friend and I use this work for the excessive use of pj's in public) of America. Not good people not good.

    3. The number of black shoes I will buy. I will buy several pairs at once. But how can you go wrong

    4. Golf. I love you and hate you all at the same time. 

    5. How sweet and caring my DH is. Everyday after we finally settle to relax he gives me a foot massage. Every time I tell him how lucky I am, he just simply argues that he is the lucky one. Really how did I find this one??
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    McBeags...#1.  SERIOUSLY!  Tanq is a tiny dog, but I swear he sheds his own body weight in hair every 2 days.  It does not end!  And we find his hairs embedded in all of our clothes -- even ones that have never been in the same room as him.  LIke they somehow magically transfer...

    AliBlue...Yay for #4!  Makes me want to reach in the freezer right about now...
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    Please excuse me I haven't had my cup of coffee yet and I'm dead tired from moving this past weekend, so some of my answers are based on that.

    1) How amazing a bed feels after sleeping on the hard floor the night before and moving all day.  I feel like hundreds of soft fluffy fingers are massaging my back.

    2) My puppy Maus can be the best snuggle bug when she wants to crawl into my lap to nap.

    3) How I feel after spending time on the water surfing or SUP, I swear its a zen moment the hours on the water and after when I'm on land.

    4) At the will power and motivation a person has when they realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    5) That I appreciate coffee so much more after meeting FI. 
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    Tanq...i was always wondering how you would say your sending a post while flying...i've never heard of service before...can't wait for it to become the norm on all aircraft...this is awesome!

    All you knotties have great answers so i will try to pick different things.

    LOVE: being in love and being loved...personally i think everyone is entitled to both.

    INTERNET: the greatest invention ever!

    FAT: i totally like that we look different...various skin tones, colour hair, type of hair, etc. but WHY does our body need to store fat as it does...blah blah...back to the kill and conquer times when we needed fat to help keep us warm and nourish our bodies blah blah when we couldn't eat...okay...but we've evolved since then and no longer require it as we once did but yet our bodies still store it like back in the day...i would like to make a withdrawal please.

    MASSAGES: haven't had one in a while...years...really really need one...same for a facial....and a mani and pedi.

    OUR BRAIN: the command post...so fascinating to me.

    J. :-)
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    Maui2011.  You have inspired me to go get a mani/pedi tonight.  :D  And LOL @ fat.  SO TRUE!
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    Tanq, did you get your mani/pedi...glad you liked my fat rant....lol. J. :-)
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