photography for 400 dollars?

I got a photographer for 400 dollars was this a wise decision? I've seen her work it's really good...
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Re: photography for 400 dollars?

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    Depends on what you're getting for it.  The cheapest quote I got for my photography was $800 I think and that was just to get a disc with photos on it and we had to order our own prints.  In the end we went with a friend of DH's famiily who charged us $1250 for a bridal portrait session, all day coverage of the wedding, and lots of prints plus a disc with copyright release to order new prints...and that was the family discount price.
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  • I am not sure... I would look for reviews on them and take them seriously my photography is about 900. So you are getting a good deal or are going to be disaponted on your wedding day. Who is it? 
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    What is included in that $400? Is she new at photography? Has she shot many weddings? These are all things to consider. The only photographers I've seen anywhere near that cheap were just starting out and trying to build their portfolio. That doesn't mean she's not talented at photography though. If she hasn't shot many weddings make sure YOU do your research and make a thorough list of "must take" photos to give to her ahead of time.

    Consider print prices too. If the $400 doesn't include prints or a cd with print release, she might most of her money on that. I saw one photographer that was only $1000 but it cost another $1000 for the photo cd.
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  • My photographer is $1800 for 10 hours of coverage, e-pics and a CD with printing rights.  I would want to know what came with the $400.  I don't think that sounds like enough for the level of work that will go into photographing and editing an entire wedding.
  • MrsK - Who are you using? I'm in Alabama and still looking for a photog so I'm curious!
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  • Her name is Heather Pierce and She owns Picture U Perfect Photography... She lives in Clanton look her up on Facebook... I got her from a friend of the family whose wedding she shot beautifully!!
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    [QUOTE]MrsK - Who are you using? I'm in Alabama and still looking for a photog so I'm curious!
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  • I suppose its fine as long as your expectations are on par with what you will be recieving from a non-professional photographer. And yes, at $400 she is most definitely not a professional. There is absolutely no way for a legally legit business to survive charging that low of a rate. Taxes alone would subtract 30% from that total; so -$120 and they are only making $280 right off the bat. Then subtract overhead like liability insurance (which you most definitely want them to have unless you want to be liable for damages they create)... so for the sake of easy math, we'll only subtract $150 for general liability and overhead. Leaving us with $130. After 40+ hours of work, because thats the minimum amount of time a pro would spend working with you on your wedding ...... and yeah, they are pretty much paying you to photograph your wedding at $3.25/hour.... cause lets face it, that won't even cover the gas to get to your wedding. 
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