Ideas needed!! PLEASE!

Hi I have a dilema. The church I'm wanting to have my wedding in isn't quite set up perfectly. I grew up in the church, so I really want to have it there. But, I love the look of the stairs at the front of the church, with the bridal party in all different levels. Me and the FI on top of course. But the front of the church is flat. There's a small step up but not enough to notice. I was thinking of using a stage/platform type thing... but I'm afraid it may look tacky. Any suggestions.

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    Hey I know this post is a couple of days old but I thought I would give my two cents.  As long as the platform is all one color or simply decorated I don't see the problem with it.  Plus, if it is going to help with the walking up the stairs, then I think I would do it. 
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    I don't know, it's hard to say without knowing exactly what the church looks like. But I think it would be difficult to get everyone at different levels unless you build stairs, or stack two or more platforms on top of each other.  How many BMs & GM? What about a small platform just big enough for the 2 of you and the minister? Is there someplace else where your photographer can take some shots of you guys with the bridal party in all different levels, like outside in front of the church or some other building nearby?That's all I got.HTH!
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