NWR: What are your hobbies?

So ladies, what sorts of things do you do with your spare time?  Collect things?  Read books?  Etc.?

I personally like to select a TV show that is either cancelled or nearing its end and watch it from pilot to finale in order.  Weird hobby, I know, but I'm getting pretty good at making a wide variety of pop culture references, lol.

After the wedding (and after I have finished decorating our apartment - decorating is sort of another hobby of mine) I plan to start doing more reading.  FI and I want to pick a movie list (like the IMDB top 100 or something) and use Netflix to count down from 100 (or whatever number) to 1.  Since we've decided against having cable - just internet, Netflix, and Gamefly - we need something to keep us entertained without cable channels to surf, lol.
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Re: NWR: What are your hobbies?

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    OMG I so need a HOBBY! My fiance has some many things he is into! I read and that is about it.  I was thinking I may seriously try gardening after we get married! Ha! Well I guess I couldn't start that for a short while since it will be winter.
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    I read, write fiction and I like to sew & make quilts. When FI and I get our house we'll build a vegetable garden and I'll spend a lot of time doing that.
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