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Are there any wedding venues in North Alabama? Having a hard time finding one. Less than $1500

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  • What part of North Alabama, specifically? Huntsville, Guntersville, Florence? That will help us in assisting you.
  • there are some beautiful parks in n. al. I am getting married at sportsmans lake in cullman in the horseshoe bend. the reception is going to be at the civic center. The lake is $25 and the civic center is $550 (depending on if you want to get married on the weekend) If you choose a weekday it will be cheaper.  
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  • In Huntsville - Monte Sano State Park Lodge is $1600 on Saturdays and I think a little less for Friday/Sunday. It's beautiful up there! 
    In Athens - Madeline's In the Grove I think is around $1000.

    If you're having a smaller wedding there are more options. If you tell us what part of N. Alabama and the size of wedding I can probably give you some more ideas!
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  • Athens, Huntsville area.
  • If you want it under 1.5K, maybe the Lumber Yard. I think it's around $1200.

    Depending on what time of the year and theme, check out Tate Farms. I've known them for years and they are wonderful people!

    There is the Canbreak Club in Athens. I don't know about renting it without a membership, but you can check it out.

    I also saw Weeden House in Huntsville. Maybe something you are interested in.

    What other vendors are you needing? I'm from between Hville and Athens, may be able to help.

    Best wishes!
  • How many guests are you inviting?

    The Huntsville botanical gardens are beautiful and you can rent their smaller reception room for $950 plus $500 for whichever garden area you want to have your ceremony at. The smaller room only holds 72 for a seated dinner but it has a deck too. And if you rent the ceremony area closest to the that building you could even move your reception outside if it's nice weather.

    A couple rooms in the Huntsville Museum of art rent for your price point. You can have your ceremony on the patio for an additional fee or the gazebo in big spring park rents through the city for $200 I think.

    This website has a bunch of other options, though some will be too expensive:

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  • I am getting married at the lumber yard this Saturday. Doug is really laid back and easy to work with.  For the most part you can go check the place out when ever you want.  Its alittle off beat but very reasonably price.  and if you like the quirky rustic look there is very little decorating to do.
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  • Any ideas on NE AL locations?  Our origianl location fell through.  50 guests and prefer indoor options, thanks!
  • I'm looking for a venue in or around the Florence/Shoals area.. We will have around 140 guests.. So I'm having trouble finding somewhere large enough.. We really like the rustic look!
  • Wedding Chapel on the Mountain is nice and cheap. They do pretty much everything.
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