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I live in Memphis, Tn, and I am trying to plan a wedding in Orange Beach on the beach. I have come across a few websites for wedding beach planners, but I feel that the prices are ridiculous for what they offer considering it is outside and doesnt last that long. Is anyone familiar with a beach planner in the area who does a great job all around and are worth their price? Please share if you do. Also, are there any reception sites that you recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Orange Beach Beach Wedding

  • You're going to find that the prices on the beach are ridiculous simply because of all the miscellaneous permits that you need to acquire.  If I think of anything that would help i'll let you know.
  • I was going to have mine at the beach. Honestly just do a lot of Google searches for Alabama beach weddings, gulf shores, orange beach. The prices are really reasonable if you think about it. 8001000 for a wedding is nothing. Especially when the higher ones include everything. Some even have packages for a beach house. Sorry I can't remember where I was looking online but I think it was pastor glen.
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