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RSVP -worth it?

Hi ladies,
I am trying to decide on doing RSVPs. I have decidd to do postcards to save on postage if I do decide on sending them at all. What are your thoughts or experience? We are not doing a sit down dinner but heavy hors'devours, buffet style. We are from a very small town and venue options are pretty non-existant. We have a large guest list but the venue (Greenville Country Club) doesn't have room for the sit down dinner and a dance floor. 

RIght now the guest list is looking to be 250 with kids included. So my main question is, if you don't send RSVPs how do you know how many to plan for?? 

Any and all advise is appreciated!

Re: RSVP -worth it?

  • If you need an accurate estimate, I don't see anyway to get that without sending an RSVP.

    Also, keep in mind that all postage rates have gone up recently :)
  • I would do rsvp because of how big your guest list is. We are hnad delivering our invatations and will be letting people know to rsvp by email or for the people that doesnt know how to use the computer we will pick them up or they can call.  
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    We had a big wedding like yours with a buffet dinner and a dance floor.  There were about 225-250 in attendance.  I sent RSVPs to about 400 people, and 72 of them NEVER responded.  If you're willing to start calling people, I'd say go for the RSVPs.  But just know that some people will be rude and not respond.
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  • I have a large guest list and will NOT be sending RSVPs. I don't see the point in paying for an extra paper item plus postage for nearly half to be thrown away. I have gone through my guest list estimating who would not miss the event and then added up who I thought might come. I've heard the rough guestimate is to plan for 2/3 of the guest list. Save the money on RSVPs and postage and place that part of the budget to food and don't worry.

    Best wishes!
  • Thank you all for the inputs! I really appreciate it.
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