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Cost of Flowers in Bham/Gadsen

I am looking for anyones experience with flower pricing in Bham/Gadsen area. I just have no idea what bouquets/centerpieces etc should cost. We are open as to the type of flowers so any & all experiences is useful. Also if you remember your florists name that would be extremly helpful!

Re: Cost of Flowers in Bham/Gadsen

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    I'm no help- We're getting our flowers in bulk from Costco and doing them ourselves :/

    The only florists I know of are Dorothy McDaniel in Homewood (likely expensive) and I hear Kathy G. has an AMAZING florist that isn't too expensive, but I'd guess it would still be pricey.

    Out of curiosity, where are you getting married?
  • I am not doing real flowers when i priced them they were about $75 for just the bridal. So i am doing beaded flowers 
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  • Don't just look at the price of flowers...look for flowers that will be in season around the date of your wedding. If you are stuck on a particular flower and it is out of season, consider replacing it with a silk. Also, consider that if the flower is extremely delicate like hydrangea or freesia.

    I don't know of any florists in the area. Use one close to your location, as delivery and set up also factor into price. Bridal boquets can run extremely high depending on size and flowers used. I would budget a max of $150. The center pieces also vary on size, containers, etc.

    Best wishes!
  • I have been to a few florist budget is around 3000 but I want real flowers everywhere. On average I have seen propsals from 2500-9000.
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