Bridesmaid Help!

I dont know what to do about my MOH and one bridesmaid they are both my sisters and all they can do is make me feel bad about everything the dress I want, my wedding budget, the place we are having the wedding at. Every time I ask them about something or they ask me all I get is insults and every time I come home all I do is cry. Any suggestions? I thought about giving them a chance to back out. 
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Re: Bridesmaid Help!

  • MadeOfAwesomeMadeOfAwesome member
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    Honestly, tell them to quit being assh0les.  It's YOUR wedding. 
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  • amdagnyamdagny member
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    One of my BMs told me that the dresses I picked out were going to "look like crap", and holding on by a string, I told her that she could always decline to be a BM, but that I would appreciate it if she would not tell me that she thinks my wedding is going to look like crap.  She completely changed her tune, and is now my most enthusiastic helper.  I think sometimes you have to set people straight.

  • emilyv1011emilyv1011 member
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    I would sit down and talk with them...there has to be some reason they are acting like that. I dont know why though. I would probably tell them they dont have to be in the wedding if they are just going to be jerks about it.
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