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Hi! I have 81 days until my wedding (just got engaged on July 24 :). To say we are planning a quick and budget wedding is a severe understatement! I know there are many great caterers in the Mobile area but I'm looking for someone who maybe does it "on the side"/out of their home and is therefore not as expensive as a professional caterer. Any suggestions?!

If not, I plan to do the food myself - probably trays of food from area restaurants. Any advice on that?! 

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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Re: Caterer, Mobile area

  • Hello and congrats!  I am sorry I do not have any advice, but I posted asking a similar question for the south AL area.   I am looking for an affordable caterer in the area as well.  If you hear of anything let me know and I will let you know as well.
  • Hi Ladies,
    I have a friend that worked at Andree's in Fairhope, she did all their wedding cakes. She has recently moved back, and She may be able to help. Her name is Crystal, and her cell phone number is: 251-284-2806. She is a sweet person, and has done some work for me. Tell her Jana sent you! Best of luck, and God bless!
  • I been looking into using . There are a lot of local caters for all budgets.
  • Hi, great question. Realize this is an old post, but if any of you are still here would you loop back and tell me what you did? I'll be getting married in Mobile in conjunction with our annual convention and, unfortunately, I don't live there (nor do any of my friends!!). Thanks!
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