Possibly FS Locally: 200 white dinner plates, glasses, silver ware

I am considering purchasing the table settings for my November 2012 wedding so that I can resell after since it's not much more expensive than renting. I'm posting this here because 1) I wouldn't want to mess with trying to ship that much breakable stuff! and
2) This isn't for sale yet and I'm not trying to "pre-sell" and get a deposit or anything. 
Basically I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing what I buy after my wedding. I haven't purchased anything yet but it would probably be something like these, plain white or glass (these are pics of the ones at Dollar Tree). 


Like I said, this is not to try to sell these yet, and I'm not looking for a commitment, I'm just curious as to the level of interest of buyers so I can decide if it will be worth it to purchase over renting. I'll be buying abour 200 but I could sell in smaller groups if needed, I suppose.

Edit: Oh and I'm in Northern Alabama even though my profile says Florida. I need to change it but haven't taken the time to poke around and figure out how!
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