Sunset View Resort- anyone have experience with this venue on Big Lake?

I grew up on the Peninsula, but have been out of the state for about a decade.  Juuust got engaged and are planning to get married this Summer, so it's a super short notice wedding for the peak season!  Naturally, many of what would be my top choice venues don't have availability.

That being said- the Cedar House at Sunset View Resort looks very classy and I think would work out well for my smallish (50 person) wedding.  I noticed on a board from 2010 that one bride's consultants said the venue logistics left something to be desired, and also that the area isn't as nice as the pictures portray...

Does anyone have any input on this?  I may not have time to actually visit my venue, so any positive or negative insight would be so appreciated!  I just want to make sure this should be put on the short list before I send my sister out there with a video camera to really check the place out:)

Thank you so much!

Re: Sunset View Resort- anyone have experience with this venue on Big Lake?

  • Hi there,
    I went there last summer for my fiance's cousins wedding. I know they had their bridal party and some family stay in one in the Cedar House. We went in and out to use the restrooms or what not and it looked really nice, specially for people coming from out of town.
    Wedding was nice and reception was nice as well. One thing that kinda sucked (but is not a deal breaker) is the "dance floor". If you are wearing heels, they go right through the floor.
    They had a photobooth there for people to take pics, an open martini bar, food was interesting but not bad. As a guest, it was a nice time. Looked like the bride and grrom had fun too.
    Good luck!
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  • I went and checked it out as one of our choices, and if it was in our budget, I'd have it! But valeriep85 is right about the dance floor. I don't recall which location a looked at, but it was beautiful! With a deck and yard big enough for an outside ceremony, and the outside deck that they have that's separate rental was also beautiful! And I believe the lady said they would be getting a restaurant in there summer 2012 :
  • I will be visiting this site in a few weeks to check it out as a possible location for our destination wedding (although initial thoughts are they are a bit pricey).  I am currently in connecticut.  We are looking at Alaska Heavenly Lodge (on the Kenai), Sunset View and Majestic Valley.  Any ideas or familiarites with any of the sites would be helpful.  Thank you.
  • Alaska Heavenly Lodge, Sunset View, and the Inn at Tern Lake were my top 3.

     I thought Sunset view was gorgeous and you have views of Mckinley from across the lake. There is a restaurant on site (guests can drive in or come across lake by boat), and you have the added convenience of being able to have a large number of your guests in one location (with the package you have access to the canoes, kayaks, waterfront sports etc which is great for events). Facing away from the water, the site could use some sprucing up - it is not bad, just plain. Facing the water and the lawn where the weddign would be is quite charming. Bizarrely, because of the way the site is oriented you can see Mckinley but not the nearby mountain ranges - small thing but important for me.  In the end, I went with the Kenai because for me being from Alaska the thing I love are the views of the water, mountains and trees. 

    Alaska Heavenly is rustic and well manicured - great location and the couple who runs the place is really nice. The only reason we didn't go with them is that we were having a large wedding and needed more than the 2 20x20 tents they allow. (I think there is some concern about damage to the lawn if larger tents are staged). A pro is that they are extremely flexible with vendors and let you bring in outside caterers. 

    Tern Lake Inn is what we went with in the end. It had the views and the open space we were looking for. It is rustic yet elegant and allowed for a much larger tent set up. Cons are that there is not as much lodging. Only 4 rooms, whereas Alaska Heavenly would have been able to accomodate the full wedding party w/ families  (~25) in one location. To balance it out we ended up going with the lodging package at Alaska Heavenly lodge for overflow. 

    Honestly, I don't think that you can really go wrong with any of them. All of the owners are really nice and the venues are each beautiful. There are tradeoffs in terms of vendors allowances that you will want to check into. 
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