Ceremony locations in south central?

My fiance and I are trying to find locations for our ceremony and reception that we like  which are in south central, mostly on the Kenai and in and aroud the Chugach. The problem is that the number of sites we have foud has been very limmited. I know that there are probably a lot of good sites available that we don't know about because they're small, local, and don't show up on searches. We want to have a rustic wedding with the ceremony outdoors. We love the outdoors and the more serine and secluded the site the better. We want to have the ceremony and the reception at the same location, with the reception being mostly indoors. We have elderly and disabled attending from down south who are not used to driving long distances so we are hoping to find a place that has its own lodgings or is not far from them so they can go and rest if needed. A site close to Anchorage would be good as long as it it fully secluded and away from all signs of the city. We aren't interested in the Alyeska resort. The ones we have on our list of potentials right now are the Seward Windsong, Raven Glacier, and Alpenglow lodges. Any other suggestions?   
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