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Hi all.  I have never been on this board before but I was hoping you might be kind enough to give me some advice.DH and I are looking at moving to Little Rock for our careers.  DH is a process analyst, I will be working as an attorney.  We've lived our whole lives in Metro Detroit so we are not sure what to expect.  I'm also pretty liberal and outspoken, would I stick out like a sore thumb?  Do you have any recommendations for nice, safe suburbs in Little Rock?  Are there any other sites I should check out for more information on moving to Little Rock?  Thank you.  Your help is very much appreciated.

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  • I don't know much about LR but I'm sure it's quite a bit different than Detroit. A few friends of ours just moved out of a house in The Heights, which is a really nice neighborhood, probably the best in the city. Sherwood is also very nice, and it's not far from the city.  Southwest LR is where you want to stay away from for the most part. My Fi used to live in LR so I'll also talk to him and try to get a little more feedback. Anyways, definetly look around in The Heights, it's a very nice, safe area.I'd also check out and you might find a little information about LR through there. HTH!
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    Definitely check out The Heights or Cammack Village--both very nice neighborhoods.  I practically grew up in The Heights during elementary school, and every summer after that.  It's a quiet area, but at the same time it's right there by everything.I don't think being liberal will matter too much--there is a nice mix of everything in LR.  Good luck!
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    Hi there, Michigander!  I'm from NY (Long Island) and DH is from Grand Rapids.  We live in West Little Rock and really like the area.  LR is actually really big and is more suburb-y than city, although there is a cute downtown area.We're exceedingly liberal and although we're surrounded by a whole lot of red, LR is a pretty blue area.I don't know of any sites to help you, but if you ever have any questions please feel free to page me on here!
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    Thank you ladies for your helpful responses!  I will certainly check out the Heights, Sherwood, Cammack Village and West Little Rock.  I also really appreciate the Arkansas Matters link, it has a lot of great information.If you think of anything else that might be helpful, please let me know.
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    I don't know much about Little Rock except where the malls and bars are. :D Good luck, though!
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    I lived in Maumelle for 11 years. It's basically a suburb of Little Rock. It's a really nice area. Crime is very low and it's not quite as busy as west Little Rock. You should check it out. I'm pretty liberal and I guess Little Rock is one of the more liberal areas of the state.
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