XP: Married in Texas, Reside in AR...License?

My FI took a job in Little Rock AR. I am hopping around the US for the next year or so for work before I get down to planning our wedding in Azle, TX.
How do the logistics work with the marriage License? Anyone had issues with this? Completely didn't occur to me until now.

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Re: XP: Married in Texas, Reside in AR...License?

  • I have been told that you get the marriage license in the county in which you are getting married.  So you will need to do it in TX if that is where you're getting married.
  • Brandi- they told us to get our license where we lived. I don't think anyone really knows because there was a bride a few weeks ago that got married and they told her the wrong place and now she's legally not really married.

    Algray- I would call your county and ask and then I would call the county that you're getting married in and ask. If they both say the same thing then I think you're good.
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  • Yikes.  Our wedding planner called both counties for us and they said where we were getting married.  It was both the same state though so it could be different. I'd be so mad if I wasn't legally married.
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    I am actually in the exact opposite position as you are.  I am getting married in Little Rock and we reside in Dallas.  Your marriage license comes from the county that you are getting married in.  So, in your case you would go to the Tarrant County Courthouse or Parker County (depending on where you are getting married in Azle)

    Hope this helps!
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