Eureka Springs Elopement!

My fiance and I are from Springfield, mo and will be travelling to Eureka Springs in September for our elopement.

All of ES is beautiful, but is there anyone in particular ya'll would suggest?

Re: Eureka Springs Elopement!

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    Yes. Be more specific. Since I have no idea what exactly you are asking....

    I recommend: Holiday Island Floral, Janis is amazing.

    Purdy Art Co...Melodye Purdy does beautiful photography and has specialzed in weddings for the last 30 years. Bonus points for her being a local.

    Thorncrown Chapel...speaks for itself

    Treehouse Cottages....gorgeous...but make reservations like yesterday.

    Rock Cottage Gardens....most amazing cake you will ever eat. Kathy is awesome.

    More info?
  • Are you eloped yet? 

    My SO & I are eloping in July, it's so exciting and fun - this is our second marriage(s) and we're 47/52 y/o so having a big event for us is more about family time, kids and fun. We're waiting on our kids to have their weddings instead!

    Heart of the Hills Inn is beautiful and affordable, I especially like the cottage and the Innkeeper is very nice.

    The Rock Cottage Gardens has small, single rock cottages as the name implies, but they also have their own small chapel for elopements.  There is packages that will give you flowers, cake, etc.

    Also, for breakfast brunch on Sunday, you can't beat Local Flavor Cafe, or for any meal for that matter.

    I don't know your age category, but if you want to party and listen to live music the night before your wedding, Chelsea's has is a great place for that and they make a pretty good pizza for the munchies.

    I wish you the best, and if you want to know more specifics, I'm very familiar w/ ES. So just send me your questions.

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