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I am sorry if this seems rude - I do not know much about weddings & I am just trying to get a rough estimate. I know that Marlsgate customizes packages on an individual basis but could someone give me a ballpark figure from their actual wedding? Once again, I am sorry if this seems rude...Thank you.

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    Weddings can go from 2,000 to 100,000.  It really just depends on your biggest vendors (venue, photographer, cake, dj/band, dress).  Just figure out your "budget" and then DOUBLE it and that is probably what you will actually spend.
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    I called Marlsgate and while the location is beautifull it seemed high. He quoted me $6 per appatizer per person, so it gets expensive if you have more than a few options.
    I know that everyone says that you have to have a bigger budget (I am only spending 5,000) but my budget is set and thus far I have stuck to it....dont get me wrong though it took a LOT OF LOOKING to find the perfect place...and I have to do most everything myself but thats what I want to do, im picky and I know what I want so im gonna do it! If you want to keep your budget down you are going to have to do most everything yourself, but get your family and friends involved!
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