Out of Town Welcome Gifts...HELP!!!

I have a few people coming from out of town that have never been to Arkansas before. What kind of items (food items are okay as long as they don't have to be cold) can I put in a welcome bag?

I am drawning a serious blank here!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Out of Town Welcome Gifts...HELP!!!

  • I would also like to know. I am especially interested in products from Northwest Arkansas.

  • Mountain Valley Water is produced in Hot Springs, AR

    Nugrape Soda originated in AR, I want to say Malvern

    Take a trip to a farmer's market on weekend and pick up some soaps, cookies, candles, etc from a vendor. Automatically made in AR! Plus no shipping.
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  • Thanks so much ladies <3 Can't wait to go shopping.....actually posted this question on Arkansas Brides Facebook page and they made it a question post of the day :) go plenty of ideas!
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  • You can get local wine and soap in Hot Springs.
  • It is a Little known fact that Skippy Peanut Butter is made in Arkansas. You could always make homemade cookies with Skippy, for a personal touch. If there's no time, UPS department stores have a lot of Arkansas memorabilia, smallish items. Local wine is always an option. Diamond Bear is a local beer (I know you don't want anything cold, but if you're close to Little Rock you can give them coupons or tour tickets). Local gems or stones would be fun too, but I dont think anyone can afford to through diamonds in a guest bag.
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