Alcohol in LR (don't know the area)

I'm able to purchase my own beer & wine for my wedding location. Which is awesome. The catch? I don't know the area at all. Anyone know of a great liquor store in the Little Rock area that offers good prices/bulk pricing? I've even heard that some places let you return unopened cases, etc. Help! Going online and poking around, it's hard to guage a good store.

Re: Alcohol in LR (don't know the area)

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    I would suggest finding a SAM's Club location. Good Luck!!
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    colonial wines and spirits is a good store. I'm not sure about bulk pricing etc. but they've always been really helpful anytime i've gone in there. and they're knowledgable about the wines they carry. I'm sure they'd be honest about what they can and can't do for you, and they're nice at least even if they dont' exactly have what you need. O'looney's is good, i think they do alot of events and things.
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