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I need some help ladies. This is not my area of great strength. My wedding is not until 5/11/2015 but we have a huge family and are paying for this our selfs.
This is what I have in mind alread: I am almost positive I want the wedding to be held at the Brunwich Weding Chapel in Fort Smith Ar. (which will also be the place for the reception).
We were wanting a western theme wedding, with us wearing our cowboy boots. He will be in a tux and me in some form of a dress (dont wear one very often so not sure what will fit or look good on me yet) He wanted horseshoes to part of the them because they stand for good luck. So I found some invitations that had some yellow sunflowers with horseshoes on them that we both like.

Other part of this equation is it will also serve as a sort of family reunion for his side of the family. First time they will all be together in one spot in who knows how long. We are haveing a BBQ buffett reception.

I have no idea about what colors to put together to pull this altogether, what type of decorations I should think about for center peices, wedding favors, flowers ect. Ladies any help for this poor country cowgirl would be much appreciated. My email is [email protected]

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    I think this sounds like an awesome theme!  I'd say go for red, white, and blue.  I think you could easily do it without evoking too many images of the 4th of July.  Or if it starts to feel too patriotic and not wedding-y, maybe red, white, and yellow, or blue, white, and yellow.

    Western/country/cowboy/cowgirl makes me think of things like bandanas (particularly red or blue ones),  flowy, summery dresses (who says your wedding dress has to be a big ballgown?), BBQ, and simple, natural flowers (you know, nothing too fancy or put together, if that makes any sense).
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    This blog was started two or three years ago by a bride from theknot.  She has put together lots of sample boards for wedding colors.  Maybe looking through some of these will give you an idea of what you do or don't like. 

    I had a lot of trouble figuring out colors.  At that time, I found a quiz somewhere on theknot that asked a set of questions about your wedding, then suggested some different color combos.  One of the suggestions it came out with was a combo I loved and was I ended up going with.  I can't remember how I found it, but it's probably still here somewhere.
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    Here are some from her blog that have sunflowers.  Scroll down to see them.
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    Thank you guys for your post. I will take both of your ideas/suggestions into concideration. I appreciate your help.
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    I'm from Fort Smith also. Have you talked to Brunwich Weding Chapel? They should be able to help you with all your planning.
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    If you like the invite with the sunflower then just take it from there!  Use browns, yellows, and maybe some orange to create a rustic theme.  You could even throw some green in there, like the stem of the sunflower. 

    It sounds like you actually have a lot of great ideas!  Go with what works for you and your family and I'm sure it will turn out great.  :)
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    red & white checkered table cloths, hay bales, daisy flowers, cactus, pails, horse shoes, cowbells, cowboy hats, rodeo theme stuff, tan, ivory, red, white, blue, gold or silver

    Try these websites:
  • I want to get married at the Brunswick wedding chapel as well.Talk to Barbara and staff and see if they can come up with some neat ideas.Just remember,it's YOUR wedding ....whatever u want...
      Congrats by the way
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