Looking for a great Reception spot in Eureka Springs, Ar, any help?

I am planning on having the ceremony at the ThornCrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Ar.  But it is just a chapel, I will have to hold the reception elsewhere.  Are there any ideas for a great, on a budget reception spot???

Re: Looking for a great Reception spot in Eureka Springs, Ar, any help?

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    I"m getting married at the Thorncrown in a couple weeks - Oct 2, 2011. Our reception is at the Crescent Hotel, it's abit pricey, but they also run the Basin Park Hotel in downtown which is a little less. They've been great to work with, so I'd check them out. Check out eureka springs city website - because there are so many weddings tehre, there's a wedding link with a whole list of vendors.
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    Check out The Space.  It's $600 to rent the facility, and they can rent you tables and chairs as well.  I'm looking at this place for my reception. The Crescent and Basin Park, while beautiful, are just too expensive for me.
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    I've been looking at the Crescent recently as well. Even though I had my heart set on it, I'm seriously considering others venues. The prices are crazy for a Saturday weddings! Not only that, but I recently met with a sales coordinator Susan Dickson for the Crescent and was less then impressed with the customer service I recieved. The sales manager for the salon Nicole had left more of an impression on me then Susan. Not sure why, but overall her general response time with emailed questions is virtually non existant. They also would not discount rooms for block booking 10+ rooms, and required 2 nights stay. Look closely at the details, because they wont come right out and tell you. Susan probably didn't take me seriously. I have money to spend, but she didn't seem to think so. My fiancee who will give anyone second and third chances to make a good impression even walked away saying, "well, she didn't seem to think we can afford it." Too bad Crescent, my ring cost (over $10K) much more then I'm going to be spending with you. Its a shame that someone could judge us by our weekend clothes and personal style.  Hopefully you wont be connected with her as a rep, I'm sure others would be more accomodating. Yell
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