Sheraton Wilmington south

I'm trying to get a hold of someone there to ask for info....still waiting but I was wondering if anyone knows some approximate costs? My wedding budget has been slashed from 15000 to about 8000. Is this venue worth looking into? Almost every place I've looked into so far is just way too much. I'm more discouraged than excited about this wedding

Re: Sheraton Wilmington south

  • I can't remember what their prices were but I think they're fairly typical of area hotels. Depending on what your guest list looks like you may want to consider some other types of venues.  Many of the fire halls in the area are renovated and quite nice, maybe look into some of them since your budget is now more limited.
    Good luck!
  • Don't know too much about them, but you could speak with the coordinator there. A lot will depend on how many people you are planning on having.
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