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I had a fitting tonight with Elaine, and brought her the bustle pic you sent me, and she can do it!  So happy :) 

Re: *Brit*

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    OMG Steph, that's awesome!  I am so glad that it all worked out!  Now you have to take lots and lots and lots of pics, so I can see it completely done, not halfway like in the original pic!  You have no idea how happy I am for you that it all worked out- I know it is going to look spectacular with your dress!!!
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    Dumbass me forgot to bring my camera tonight :(  I remembered while at her front door, I was sooooo mad at myself!  Esp since my mom or sis could have grabbed theirs when I picked them up. I think next appt is 2 weeks, so hopefully Ill remember it then!
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    Thefirstwordinmypriorpostisdumbassme.  I hate ***'s!
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    LOL, It's okay!  Did she say when she would have the bustle done by, and is it a difficult one to do?  I think I am more worried about 1)pricing, and 2) all the buttons that it will take, and if my girls and my mom would be able to handle them all without ripping my dress!!!
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    Well, she's WAYYYY cheaper then AA quoted me when I bought the dress, and seriously cant believe what she's charging my mom, who basically she totally redid the dress.  My Mom walked in with a 12-14, and Elaine made it a 8, changed the neckline, and added sleeves (great deal on sample dress).  So pricewise, we are all extremely happy.I believe she will have the bustle done next fitting, and she called it a drawstring bustle, so Im guessing at least some of the buttons will be replaced with a string of some sort.  She did say it was a bit more complicated then a regular bustle, but lets be honest - it looks much better on my dress!  So, well just have to take lots of pics while she makes it, and hopefully mom or sis will remember :)
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