I have to say, everyone keeps complementing your flowers, esp on the Philly board, and that really puts my mind at ease!  I know my flowers are in the best hands possible.They were so gorgeous the day of- seeing her work in action made it so much easier to confirm my gut instinct of I had definitely chosen the right florist!  I don't think she gets the amount of credit she deserves on this board- she is just amazing overall!  Not only does she do awesome work, she made me feel so much at ease, and she knew when to listen to my mom and me, and when to listen to just me.  She also paid close attention to what I was looking at, what I was interested in, and she also noted the difference between what I said I liked and what I kept going back to, and made sure to bring it into the convo without forcing it on me (I kept going back to the one pic that my mom wasn't totally thrilled with.  She liked it, but liked others better, and Barb steered the convo back to the photo of the bouquet I kept going back to!).I just had to say, I am so glad that I got to see her work in person, and she brought the flowers alive, IMO, and did a terrific job with them; it put me so much more at ease.  TOTALLY giving mad props to Belak Flowers on Philadelphia Pike!

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    Brit - I actually just called her to tell her what a fabulous job they did!  I love Barb, and will miss our chats!  She truely was one of my fav vendors to work with, and I totally assure you, you are in wonderful hands!  I spent 3 hours with her the first visit, before booking and knew walking out I had found the best, so nice, amazing work, and really reasonable! As for compliments - theres a gazillion more on my club board!  :)  I absolutely LOVED my flowers, and I really wanted to get my bouquet preserved in painting form, but it just wasnt in the budget...  I will, in the very near future have her make an identical bouquet and get my painting done :)  Maybe for the ttd session im thinking about.... :)
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