Quizzo/GNO on Thursday?

Who's going???  It's the last one with Lura as a single lady!!!!!Side note:  Anyone willing to give lil' ol' me a ride?  Brian has class 5-10:30 on Thursday nights, and I don't want to miss this one for the world!

Re: Quizzo/GNO on Thursday?

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    Brit - Im going, I could always pick you up... I will say Im usually late though (as you know) By the time TOny gets home, and I make him dinner and drive all the way up, I usually dont make it on time...
  • MrsJax09MrsJax09 member
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    Unfortunately I have a work function at 6:30 in Wilmington. If we finish in time I may pop in to say hi, but that would be it (as I am sure I am going to be ZONKED).
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    Im going, Britney i could give you a ride if you want.
  • lmicoluccilmicolucci member
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    Brit, I can give you a ride. Don't forget to email me directions for Friday.
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