Hey, saw your post re: Photog for your sis.  Here are a few names to check into...Allison Weber.  She's a new photog out there who is trying to break into the business, and she shot the wedding I went to last week, and the pics I have seen so far have been FANTASTIC (the bride is posting them as Allie gets them to her).  Brian and I are looking into doing an extra engagement session with her, we liked her so much- nice pictures, very unobtrusive, great personality.  She's on facebook (I am a fan), and that's the best way to look at her stuff, as she is still developing her website.  You might also look into her for TTD.I still highly recommend my photog, Belles and Beaus Photography, despite what others may say (I have yet to see a bad review about her on any of the other sites).  Her highest package is $1600, but she has other packages that she works with.  If you tell her I recommended you, and that you need to work on pricing, she may help you out.  Nicole's website is [url][/url].Also, look into Lavendar and Lace Photography.  I am pretty sure they work with you on pricing, and the pics I have seen are decent.Finally for you, for TTD, check out Jason Prezant.  Google him and his website should come up.  I can send you the album on FB that he did of my cousin's epics, which turned out wonderful.Let me know if you need any other help, and what she ends up choosing!


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