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So my MOH asked me some questions about my bridal shower (it's a surprise) and one of them was did I want a certain theme... I hadn't even thought about that so...just writing to see what you girls themes were for your bridal shower Also, I have a friend visiting in a couple weeks and wanted to Spa w/ her, any recs on where to go near/in Pike Creek?

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    my shower didn't have a theme.
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    Let's see.  I went to two bridal showers this summer.  One did not have a theme; the other was a tea, but did not have a "theme" (ie, western or something like that) persay.A couple of places to look in and around Pike Creek for Spas:  I always liked Trilogy (on Kirkwood Hwy, a little closer to Newark).  I get my hair cut there, and I have several people I know who like the spa services.  They were voted best of Delaware for several years as well, if I remember correctly.Another one that I have been to, especially for waxing services, is Maureen's on Rt. 7 and Stoney Batter Road (in the shopping center with Wilmington Trust in it).  My best friend from HS gets her hair cut there, and swears by it; I was very impressed with the salon as well.
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