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So does anyone else feel weird going back to the same shops and trying on different dresses? I don't want to burn out and I feel bad by trying on 10 dresses in a sitting but...I haven't gotten "teary eyed" overe any yet and want to keep looking. Not that may stores around here...

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    Actually, not really.  In fact, this just happened to one of my good friends- she's originally from around here, but lives out of state now.  She was in town about 2 months ago, and we went together to Brides and Grooms to look.  She didn't see anything she was starry eyed over, and that day she also went to David's Bridal after looking at Brides and Grooms- she didn't see anything she liked a whole lot there, either.  She was back in town 2 weeks later, and decided she wanted to go back to Brides and Grooms because she was so happy with how she was treated, and she wanted to see if they had anything else.  Turned out, they pulled a bunch of different ones, and the first one she put on was the one she ended up with.  She was glowing and grinning, and looked marvelous in it.  She was really happy about making the decision to go back and look, instead of settling for something that she liked but wasn't starry eyed over.Another thing to think about is depending on the designer, the store may not carry all the dresses from them- they just don't have the space.  I am a perfect example of that.  I wanted an Alfred Angelo, and while Brides and Grooms is an authorized carrier, they didn't have a ton of sample dresses to try on.  So we went up to the Alfred Angelo store in Lancaster, which has all their dresses (and in plus size, too!).  I found The Dress there, but decided to order it from Brides and Grooms for several reasons: They ended up being over $120 cheaper than the AA store, the distance we had to travel, and the service that we got when I first went there impressed us so much that we wanted to support them.My advice is keep searching- there are more options in stores than you realize.  Find one that you are happy with in terms of service and all, and see what they can do.  You might be surprised at how happy you end up going with a shop when you make a final decision based on more than just pricing.
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    Nope, I did it. I tried on dresses in DE in September/October then went to other surrounding states to try on dresses then went back to a few in DE in January/February and they had new 2009 dresses and I ended up finding my dress in DE at a bridal store I had visited before. GL...I know how hard it is but you'll find "the one!"
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